This Community Will Help You:

  • Heal Your Life

    Do shadow work in a safe, supportive environment where you can break karmic cycles, heal triggers, and become all-around unfuckwithable and unafraid of life as a human in this 3D physical world.

  • Love Yourself

    Discover what makes you powerful and unique, learn to trust your intuition without feeling "crazy," and step into alignment with your highest good so that you can open yourself to a flow of love, joy, and abundance in your life and relationships.

  • Develop Psychic Gifts

    Open your psychic channel, awaken your innate "dragon" DNA, and connect with your higher self and spirit guides so you can shift into the reality of your choosing.

This is your sign.

Life is a video game and this community is that party of spiritual adventurers you've been searching for. You don't have to do this spiritual awakening thing alone. Equip yourself with the tools necessary to slay the bosses of abandonment and despair, own your powers, and step into the driver's seat of your own life.

What You Get

All the sweet loot and arcane knowledge you receive upon joining The House.

  • Multiple group coaching sessions every month! We'll learn about esoteric topics, meet spirit guides, explore the astral, perform magick, initiate quantum healing and more.

  • The chance to connect 1:1 with Hannah and other spiritual adventurers! The second portion of each group coaching session will be an open Q&A where you can chat with Hannah live about anything you're seeking guidance on in your life.

  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals, free from the constraints of censorship and social media! A safe space for spiritual adventurers, lightbringers, starseeds, and otherkin to share their experiences.

  • Access to the ENTIRE Own Your Powers meditation library! Meet Your Dragon Guide, Deity Connection, Twin Flame Telepathy, Animal Communication, and more, updated as new meditations are added to the compendium.

  • Hannah's super secret Shadow Work best practices! A comprehensive guide to all the shadow work exercises you'll ever need to completely transform your life and step into your sovereignty.

  • Lists of all the books, YouTubers, video games, etc. that helped Hannah go from the broke, depressed, recovering Catholic schoolgirl to the empowered, dragon-whispering, deity-channeling spiritual business owner she is today!

  • Lowest price guarantee! At just $33.33 per month, this program is a steal, with the industry standard for group coaching programs hanging around $500-800 per month. The price won't always be this low, but if you join now, you'll be locked into the $33.33 price as long as you remain subscribed.


Hannah Azok

Dragon Mystic

"Helping you empower you." When Hannah isn’t traveling the world, playing video games, or speaking about herself in the third person, she can be found… Well, truth be told, she probably can’t be found. Some say she is a shapeshifter, others, a servant of The Many-Faced God. Some doubt she even exists at all.  But one thing is certain: her legendary kernels of knowledge can be found in this mystery school.  If you are looking for answers, your Higher Self and guides brought you to this obscure corner of the interwebs for a reason...  Are you boss enough to own your powers and heed the call? 


  • What exactly is House of the Spirit Dragon?

    Named after the fictional Targaryen house -- a family bound by the blood of "the dragon" in Game of Thrones -- House of the Spirit Dragon is a mystery school, community, and spiritual coaching container.

  • What exactly is included with House of the Spirit Dragon?

    2-3 live group coaching sessions per month (via Zoom) // access to all session recordings // a private community and forum off social media // the entire Own Your Powers meditation collection // Hannah's shadow work best practices // an extensive list of resources (both free and paid) that helped Hannah go from zero to hero

  • When will the coaching sessions take place?

    The days and times will vary each session in order to accommodate all time zones. Sometimes they will be on week days. Sometimes weekends. Sometimes AM, sometimes PM. If you can't attend live, recordings will be available!

  • Can I wait and join later?

    Doors to The House will only be available for limited windows of time so as to keep enrollment more manageable for all. The countdown timers at the top and bottom of the page should let you know when enrollment is set to close. You can join during any enrollment period, but be aware: the price will eventually be increasing. When you enroll at the current price you can rest assured that's what you'll pay as long as your subscription is active.

  • How long are the coaching sessions?

    Anywhere from 60-90 minutes, depending on the amount of questions received that session.

  • Am I tied into a contract?

    Nope! Like Netflix, you can cancel whenever, directly through Own Your Powers U, with no need to contact the Own Your Powers team. Your first payment is non-refundable but outside of that, you are free to leave The House whenever.

  • Is this a course or an ongoing membership?

    House of the Spirit Dragon is a membership experience primarily, with some eCourse elements included. There will be a continual flow of new content. Replays from the live sessions will be archived and categorized according to topic.

  • What "arcane" topics will we be exploring exactly?

    Each month, we will focus on a different topic. Planned topics include, in no particular order: dragons // twin flames // spiritual awakening and ascension // channeling and spirit guides // spirit animals // animal communication // past lives // tarot // shifting and fictional characters // otherkin // deities // creative writing // magick // psychic abilities // law of attraction // shadow work

  • What if I have social anxiety and don't feel comfortable with live calls?

    All live sessions will be recorded. You can still receive the knowledge, activations, and benefits no matter when you decide to partake. If you attend live and are afraid to go "on-stage" you can ask your question in the chat and Hannah or a member of the Own Your Powers team will answer you!

What Other Adventurers Are Saying

“Before our first session I was dealing with a massive amount of religious trauma and was struggling with CPTSD. I was shocked with how many experiences that I hadn’t ever talked about with anyone that came up seamlessly with Hannah. I ended up working with Hannah over the last year watching her do many readings both for myself and others. I was delighted with how validating and comforting she was to not only me but to so many others.  After chatting with and learning from Hannah I feel like so many doors have been opened for me. Her channeling has been imperative in helping me with my grieving process. I have felt so incredibly supported and validated because of every interaction I’ve had with Hannah. I feel more confident about myself, and that alone has made the possibilities for my future endless. I think the most important benefit I’ve seen from Hannah has been hope for my own future. Hannah comes from a very trauma informed place. There are SO MANY folks in the spiritual community who have skirted through life from a place of privilege are very “love and light” to the point where it becomes dismissive and spiritual bypassing. This is not Hannah. She has had more than one gut wrenching experience and I believe that is what sets her apart from many others. She’s a true survivor and absolutely understands living with shellshock. She understands how debilitating it is when one’s body fails them. And the most relatable: she understands grief. She just GETS IT. I’ve had conversations with Hannah that I haven’t been able to speak out loud to my therapist or even my best friends. Because of her maturity and personal history she comes off as easy to talk to, and more importantly, trauma informed. I would recommend Hannah to ANYONE who is interested in personal development, spirituality, law of attraction, and especially tarot! If you’re waiting for a sign to book with her and you’re reading this just SEND IT! Full send just book the appointment and trust you’ll get what you need. The worst that could happen is you bite the fee yet still have a meaningful conversation with a really cool human; whereas best case scenario you could have the same kind of “eureka” moment that I and so many others have had. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, and sometimes that leap is what helps you OWN YOUR POWERS! ”

Gretchen Z

“I am a life long empath but with nobody in my family to guide me or explain anything about it to me? I never learned to control my abilities and at 50 years old and just having my awakening I still have no control. I have never been able to meditate! My time with Hannah was the first real spiritual experience I have ever had! And I won't lie! I still can't meditate! But the only time I ever have was with her. I know it was because of Hannah. It unlocked something and within hours things started happening in my life with my abilities and my lack of self-esteem! Thanks to her my spiritual journey has jumped forward by an unmeasurable amount! I can't thank her enough! And that is why I am telling you my story so just maybe you will stop making excuses why not to take that first step on your spiritual journey and take that first step with Hannah mentoring you. I promise you in no time flat you will be sprinting instead of walking! She is blessed with the ability to help you open up and receive more, and faster than you could on your own! Plus she is just one crazy cool ass person that you just want to hangout with!”

Jerry F

“Prior to working with Hannah, my life was kinda bleak, confusing, and unfulfilling. I frequently felt lost and things would just go wrong. I had been going to counseling for years but my counselor and I just couldn't find the right buttons anymore. As I started working with Hannah, the pieces finally started coming together. We found the things that needed to be worked on and easily transmuted them. Since working with Hannah, I feel much more confident in my abilities, comfortable with my life, and overall in my power. I'm super excited to see where I go with all this. I'm learning how to live my life authentically. I would absolutely recommend Hannah to anyone who's ready for that change, anyone who is stuck or struggling, and anyone who wants to be in their power and live authentically. ”

Kara T